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Discover what your clients find comfortable and expect via RiskFit risk profiling and portfolio expectation testing.

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Measure, Fit, Educate

Understanding your client's expectations through risk tolerance testing is just the start of risk profiling. Gain informed consent via education to close the loop.


Measure your client's expectations

Discover what investment journey your clients expect and find comfortable by leveraging our psychometric survey with published reliability and accuracy.


Fit investments to their psychology

Use the RiskFit Stackup Risk Score to guide you towards investments that clients can hold comfortably throughout the boom bust cycle.


Educate clients experientially

Experientially demonstrate what it is like for your clients to own their target portfolio to gain their informed consent.

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Risk Tolerance Testing
with RiskFit

Effortlessly leverage our proven, validated riskTRACKā„¢ methodology with RiskFit

Robust Measurement

riskTRACK™ helps make your advice smarter by methodically assessing your client's risk profile with a validated and reliable tool. This makes for suitable, compliant recommendations.

Deep Client Insights

Smarter Recommendations

Your client's risk tolerance mindset is hidden, but understanding it is crucial to how happy they will be with your advice. Make smarter and more appropriate recommendations with our validated methodology.

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Academically Validated

Recommend with Confidence

riskTRACK™ has been published in the Journal of Risk Finance as a validated method of eliciting risk tolerance. Make recommendations with confidence that you are robustly assessing risk tolerance.

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Globally Compliant

Protect Your Business

Globally, regulators are scrutinising how firms are assessing risk tolerance. Can you prove your current methods are actually measuring risk tolerance? We can.

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By accurately measuring your client's mindset with Stackup you will be empowered to make recommendations with renewed confidence, while being assured you are leveraging the forefront of academia and financial technology. Client's who are comfortable throughout the cycle are clients for life.

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Deep client insights are what keep our clients coming back. In 20 years of advising, Stackup Risk is the best fintech risk profiling solution I've seen

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